Silver ethnic necklace with five rows

1 700,00

19th – 20th century
D. 17 cm / 808 g


This elegant necklace is part of the great production of silver jewellery of South East Asian tribes, probably the Yao or Hmong. These ethnic groups live in the southern provinces of China such as Yunnan, but also in northern Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. They are famous for their skills and the high quality of their silver jewellery. These tribes have kept their traditions, and silver plays a very important role in their society. Indeed, beyond its decorative and aesthetic qualities, for the Yao and the Hmong, silver is said to have an auspicious function and to keep the soul in the body. This material also plays an important social and economic function in the lives of these peoples, particularly at the time of wedding. The groom’s family had to pay a certain amount of silver to the bride’s family. The silver jewellery of the Yao and Hmong also showed the economic level of the family, and was usually passed down from mother to daughter as a family legacy for generations. Some jewellery was worn every day, while others, like this impressive five strand necklace, were only brought out for special occasions such as ceremonies. This necklace is an excellent example of these great skills passed down from generation to generation.

Condition Report:

This piece is in very good condition.