General Terms and Conditions of Sale

1.   General Information

These Terms of Sale (hereinafter “Sale Terms”) shall apply in addition to the Terms of Use.

These Sale Terms shall govern all sales of Works by Plaisir d’Esthète.

 2.   Contract of Sale

  1. The Works are displayed on the Site of the Seller with a description and a picture (or pictures) enabling the Buyer to know the main features and price of the Works.
  2. The Buyer selects the Work(s) he/she wishes to acquire.
  3. The Buyer decides whether he/she wants the order to be delivered to the address of his/her choice or wishes to pick it up at the Young Collectors gallery.
  4. The Buyer selects the type of credit card he/she prefers for the payment via PayPal and immediately proceeds with payment.
  5. After confirming his/her selection, the Buyer reviews and agrees to these Sale Terms.
  6. Once the order has been validated by Plaisir d’Esthète, an e-mail will be sent to the Buyer to confirm that the order has been taken into account.
  7. In cases in which there would be multiple concurrent orders for the same Work, the sales contract will be made only with the first Buyer. In this hypothesis, the other Buyer(s) will be informed of the invalidation of the transaction and his/her (their) account will be re-credited the amount of the payment.
  8. Upon validation of the transaction by the Seller, the Buyer is informed of the date of shipment of the Work, which shall not exceed 5 days from the date of the payment. The Seller simultaneously informs the Buyer that the Work can be made available within 3 days at the Young Collectors gallery.

3.   Price

The sales price of the Works is previously fixed by the Seller. It cannot be subject to any modification or discount. Prices are stated in the description of the Work and given in Swiss Francs (CHF) inclusive of all taxes.

The prices exclude the costs of delivery. The costs of delivery are calculated based on the shipping destination, on the characteristics of the Work and on the transport method. The Buyer will be informed thereof upon final confirmation of the order.

4.   Taxes and Import Duties

The potential Buyers are informed that some countries may prohibit or restrict the importation of certain goods, especially antiquities, or may apply for a permit for their importation. It is the Buyer’s obligation to check such regulations and to take the necessary steps for the licenses and/or permits required to import the Work(s) he/she wishes to purchase.

In cases in which customs duties, taxes or import duties would be due, they would be the sole responsibility of the Buyer. They are payable by the Buyer and come within his/her entire responsibility, both in terms of declaratory procedure and payments.

Plaisir d’Esthète cannot be held responsible for any failure to obtain the rights or permit necessary to purchase the Work(s) ordered through the Site. Young Collectors shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss if the order could be confiscated by a government or public authority of a State where the importation is regulated and where the Buyer is not in good standing.

5.   Payment

The orders placed on the Site may be paid solely by credit card through PayPal. We accept the following credit cards: American Express, Visa or MasterCard, Discover and Union Pay.

The Buyer’s card will be debited of the price of the Work he/she has purchased, together with the delivery charges.

5.1.   Security of payments

Plaisir d’Esthète chose rigorous and effective tools to secure the payments made through its website. The Buyer is protected from check-out to delivery of the order by PayPal’s anti-fraud technology and “Buyer Protection” program.

Plaisir d’Esthète has no access at all to the confidential banking information of the Buyer. Only PayPal has access to this information, which therefore remains inaccessible to third parties.

6.   Certificate of Authenticity

Young Collectors benefits from the authentication procedures of Galerie Hioco.

Galerie Hioco has developed a rigorous traceability procedure for all of the Works sold, which is indispensable in the industry of the antiquities trade. Galerie Hioco provides the same authentication procedures for the Works offered for sale on the Plaisir d’Esthète website. All analysis, historic recognition, and tests required to establish the authenticity of the Works are conducted by Galerie Hioco to ensure that each Work is authentic.

Plaisir d’Esthète is therefore able to offer an excellent warranty to the Buyers. A certificate of authenticity will accompany each purchased Work.

7.   Delivery or Collection at the Gallery

During the validation process of the order on the Site of the Seller, the Buyer indicates a delivery method for each order submitted. The Buyer is credited with all the potential costs of packaging, processing and delivery.

7.1.   Shipping

The Buyer can opt for his/her order to be delivered to the address of his/her choice, in Switzerland or abroad (to be notified on the Site during the check-out process). The Work will be delivered to the complete shipping address provided by the Buyer when the purchase was made.The Buyer previously accepted the delivery costs at the moment of the order validation. They are included in the total purchase price.

The Seller is committed to make the Work available to the carrier within 3 days; the Seller will ship the order within the period specified. The order is delivered by the carrier to the address indicated by the Buyer. The order is accompanied by an invoice and a certificate of authenticity for each Work.

The Buyer is responsible for providing all the information required in order for Plaisir d’Esthète to process delivery as soon as possible.

The Seller will forward the name of the carrier, the parcel number and approximate date of delivery to the Buyer, for an easy checking of the delivery status.

Orders travel at the risk of the Seller.

7.2.   Collection at the Gallery

The Buyer may decide to pick-up his/her order at the Galerie Hioco, in Paris. In this case, the Buyer will not be charged a delivery fee.

The Seller notifies the Buyer by email of the availability of the Work(s) at the gallery. The Buyer shall therefore collect the Work(s) at the gallery within 15 days from receipt of the email.

At the collection of the Work(s), the Seller supplies the Buyer with the order, the invoice and the certificate(s) of authenticity, after verification of the Buyer’s identity.

8.   Return

The purchases made through the platform of the Site can be returned within a period of 7 days from the date the Buyer acquired possession of the good, without any justification being provided. The postmark or the proof of sending through a carrier will attest to the date and shall be provided by the Buyer.

In this case, the Buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs and the value of the returned Work(s). The Work(s) must be returned in its (their) exact original condition. Otherwise, the Buyer will have to pay the damage to the Seller. The amount of this compensation and the payment procedure are determined by the Seller and his experts on a case-by-case basis.

If the returned Work(s) is (are) considered as in its (their) original condition by the Seller, the refund will be made within 30 days.

9.   Disputes

The Seller strives to deliver a high quality service.

However, the Buyer is able to notify the Seller of any claim concerning an order, within a period of 7 days from receipt of the order. The Buyer may therefore report that his/her order did not arrive or that the order is not as described. In accordance with the laws governing these Sale Terms, the Buyer may give the Seller formal notice to effect with written notice of default, allowing him a further reasonable period of time to fulfill his obligations. Any case of superior force is excluded.

Plaisir d’Esthète encourages the Buyer to contact the service department for any questions regarding the order. Similarly, Plaisir d’Esthète is committed to establishing user-friendly, pleasant and simple contact procedures.

9.1.   Damage of the Order

If the order or a part of it is delivered to the Buyer otherwise than in accordance with the condition in which it was acquired, the Buyer shall notify the Seller within 2 working days of the date when the Buyer took possession of the good(s), with a full description of the damage. The postmark or the proof of sending through a carrier will attest to the date and shall be provided by the Buyer. In case of damage of the order, the Seller agrees to reimburse the total amount paid within 30 days of the date when the Buyer notified the lack of conformity of the Work(s).

The Seller ensures that the carrier delivers the complete order in perfect condition.