Dông Son Elephant Bracelet


Dông Son culture (7th century BC – 2nd century AD)
L. 10 cm


This fine bronze bracelet perfectly illustrates the brilliant metal production of the Dong Son culture. Originating in the valleys of the Red, Ma and Ca Rivers in present-day Vietnam, this culture was distinguished by its great mastery of bronze metallurgy. From the 7th century BC to the 2nd century AD, it produced objects with rich and varied styles such as intriguing drums, numerous tools and weapons, but also rich jewellery in various forms. This delicate bracelet is finely decorated with different figures, including a distinctive small elephant.

In the Dong Son culture, funerals played an important role in the society. Death was seen as the beginning of a new life in the afterlife, similar to the present world. Thus, objects used in daily life such as work tools, weapons, musical instruments but also jewellery were buried with their owner.

Condition report: 

This work is in very good condition.

Provenance: Private collection, France.

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