Dông Son hu vase

8 000,00

Giao-Chi era (1st century B.C. – 3rd century A.D.)
H. 39 cm

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Emblematic Hu type vase, 39 cm high, with a tall conical foot, a broad belly and a long slightly flared neck. This piece is rare by its size, by the presence of its cover, its exceptional state of conservation and its superb patina with reflections of malachite and cuprite which allows us to imagine the position of the piece in the tomb. Dating from around the 1st century AD. AD, it has the characteristics of funerary furniture from this period, with on the cover the stylization of the four heart-shaped leaves which recall the artistic influence of Han China. Another motif that can also be found on contemporary Chinese bronzes: the zoomorphic pushou masks placed on the shoulder of the vase and adorning the attachments of two rings.

Provenance : Private collection.

X-ray ; CIRAM n°1107-OA- 04B-37.

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