Dông Son small pediform axe

1 800,00

Dông Son culture (7th century to 2nd century)
H. 11 cm / l. 10,5 cm

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This fascinating small pediform bronze axe is characteristic of the famous metal production of the Dong Son culture. This type of asymmetrical axe was mainly found in the northern and central northern part of Vietnam. Originating from the valleys of the Red River, Ma River and Ca River, this culture was distinguished by its great skill in bronze metallurgy. From the 7th century BC to the 2nd century AD, it produced objects with rich and varied styles such as mysterious drums, tools, jewellery and also numerous weapons. Used for daily or ceremonial purposes, these objects also accompanied the deceased into the grave. Indeed, axes are among the tools and bronze weapons most frequently found in the tombs of the Dông Son culture. Delicately decorated on both sides with geometric motifs and anthropomorphic figures, this axe was certainly used for ceremonial purposes.

Condition report:

This pediform axe is in good condition. It has two small breaks in the blade at the end.

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