Silver ethnic neck ring

1 500,00

19th – 20th century
D. 17,5 cm / 434 g


This delicate neck ring belongs to the great silver jewellery tradition of the Yao and Hmong. These Southeast Asian tribes live in the mountainous regions of southern China, particularly in Yunnan, but also in northern Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. These hill tribes are renowned for their skills in silver work, especially silver jewellery. Indeed, this material plays a very important social and economic role in their society, especially at the time of weddings where the groom must give a certain amount of silver to the bride’s family. Moreover, for the Yao and Hmong, silver has great aesthetic and symbolic qualities. Silver jewellery was generally passed down from mother to daughter. Some jewellery was only worn on special occasions such as ceremonies. Others, such as this necklace, were for everyday use and showed the importance of the family.

Condition report:

This piece is in very good condition.