Pair of dragon head silver bracelets

1 500,00

19th – 20th century
D. 8,5 cm (each) / 416 g


This elegant pair of silver bracelets is richly decorated with unique and aesthetic designs. The ends of the bracelets are adorned with impressive roaring dragon heads with their jaws open, while the body is decorated with finely incised geometric patterns. This beautiful silver work was made by the Yao and Hmong ethnic groups of Southeast Asia. These tribes live in the southern provinces of China, such as Yunnan, but also in the north of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. They kept their traditions and are famous for their silver work, especially silver jewellery. Bracelets were worn by both men and women of these tribes. Silver plays an important social and economic role in these societies, especially at wedding time, where it is exchanged and displayed in different forms. Jewellery was usually passed on as a family legacy.

Condition Report:

This pair of bracelets is in very good condition.