See India, Mysore

1 800,00

Lithography mounted on linen canvas
Printed in Madras, India
circa 1950

D. image 63×102 cm
D. toile 69×107,5 cm

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This beautiful and decorative original travel poster promotes India’s heritage and the richnesss of its culture through the city of Mysore. It is located in the state of Karnataka in South India.

The statue shown here is located on the Chamundi Hill. It represents a richly decorated cow, Nandi, the mount – vāhana – of Shiva. The vāhana is both a symbol and an emblem of the deity it carries.

Apparent inscriptions on the poster:

A. C. 323 – English – 20.000

Issued by the Tourist Traffic Branch, Ministry of Transport and published by the Advertising Branch, Ministry of I. & B. Printed in India by Associated Printers (Madras) Ltd., Madras

Condition report

The poster has slight creases but its colours have retained their vibrancy.
It is not a reproduction.

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