Engagez-vous, rengagez-vous dans les troupes coloniales

2 500,00

Offset mounted on linen canvas
Signed by Léon FAURET (1863 – 1955)

Printed at the Paul Laffitte’s printer’s, Paris, France
circa 1930

D. image 79×116 cm
D. toile 86,5×124 cm

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This large size vintage poster is an original offset print. Adorned with shimmering colours, it was produced by Léon Fauret (1863-1955) around 1930s.

The image shows soldiers on a background of an Asian Cambodian landscape. It is a recruitment poster for the French colonial army of the time. The framing gives some depth to the image, highlighting the three men in the army. The construction is very well thought out with a division of the image into two parts:

– In the upper part the representation of an Asian landscape with a temple and a stupa in the background evoking a scene of everyday Cambodian life surmounted by the message of commitment in red and black on a yellow background. The latter colour refers to the sun and the Eldorado, and the green reminds us of the notion of exoticism and evokes luxuriance.

– In the foreground and in the lower part are three French soldiers who stand out against the background. They are the only figures whose facial features are distinguishable and they each adopt a confident posture.

Inscriptions visible on the poster:

République française – Ministère de la Guerre
« Pour tous renseignements, adressez-vous aux corps de troupe, aux brigades de gendarmerie, aux bureaux de recrutement ou au Ministère de la Guerre (Direction des troupes Coloniale) 231, Boulevard Saint Germain, Paris 7e »
Cette affiche ne doit être ni recouverte ni détruite.

A similar print is held in the Musée de l’Armée in Paris.

Condition report:

This poster is in very good condition, it has notably kept all the vivacity of its colours.
This is not a reproduction.