Messageries Maritimes – The “Mekong” liner

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Lithography mounted on linen canvas
Signed by Albert BRENET (1903-2005)
Printed at the Paul Dupont’s printer’s, Clichy, France
v. 1950

D. image 32×50 cm
D. toile 43×65 cm

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This poster is a real archive representing the excitement of ship departures. Here the scene presents the liner “Mekong” in an oriental port whose animation can be perceived through the choice of the warm and striking colours of the transhipment in full progress.

The image is signed by Albert Brenet (1903 – 2005) the official painter of the Marine Messageries Maritimes from 1954.

Apparent inscriptions on the poster:

Levant – Océan Indien – Extrême-Orient – Océanie-Australie – Afrique du Sud
Imprimé en France – IMP. PAUL DUPONT – CLICHY

Condition report :

This poster presents a very good state of conservation. Some folds are visible at the bottom of the image.
This is not a reproduction.

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