Champa ritual bowls with delicate decoration

Silver alloy
Kingdom of Champa, Vietnam
17th century
Big bowl: H. 7 cm or 2¾ in. / D. 14 cm or 5½ in.
Small bowl: H. 5 cm or 2 in. / D. 9,5 cm or 3¾ in.
Flat bowl: H. 3cm or 1
1/8 in. / D. 11,5 cm or 4½  in.

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All are spherical in shape and the two smaller ones have a narrowed base with a break point, a carina, above which the body rises. They each have different decorative registers, all of which have been worked using the repoussé technique. This means that they are hammered from the inside out to reveal the composition in relief. The details are chiselled on the outside.

These bowls and this plate come from the actual Vietnam and are all three dated from the 17th century. This period corresponds to the end of the Champa kingdom which was overthrown in the 19th century. This kingdom was the Khmer’s greatest rival.

They are identified as offering bowls. It is assumed that they had a ritual function, particularly on the occasion of the Katê festival. This is the most important festival in Cham culture and is still celebrated today. They were certainly arranged on trays and would have contained foodstuffs for the deities.

Condition report :

This assortment of different bowls is in very good condition.