Garlic head bottle vase

Han dynasty (206 B.C – 220  A.D)
H. 35 cm or 13 ¾

in / d. 20.5 cm or 8¼ in

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This amazing terracotta ceramic is a hu 壺 type bottle vase. Globular in shape, its body is surmounted by a long thin tubular neck. This slender vase is also characterised by the edge of its mouth, the lips of which take on the subtle appearance of a garlic head. Traces of polychromy have survived to the present day. Remains of red pigments are visible around the foot and in the grooves of the garlic clove. Finally, this work dates from the Han period (206 BC – 220 AD). At the time of this dynasty, this model of vase was based on bronze vases, whose production cost was very high. Their use was mainly dedicated to the conservation of liquids such as fermented drinks.

Condition report:

Shaped like a bottle vase, this hu type ceramic with a ‘garlic-head’ mouth is in very good condition. It shows no structural anomalies and only a few concretions, testimony to its past burial, are to be noted.