See India – Air India – Kangchenjunga near Darjeeling

Lithography put on linen canvas
Printed in Madras, India

circa 1950
D. image 62×100 cm
D. toile 68×106 cm

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This colourful vintage poster is of high quality. It shows two monks playing dung chen, an instrument reserved for ritual music in Buddhist monasteries. The monks and the two trumpets stand out against the white landscape with soft, vibrant tones that directly refer to the enchanting, deep and vibrant sound of these instruments. They stand on a slope of the majestic Himālaya mountain range. As depicted here, its highest peaks are covered in snow all year round. In Sanskrit “Himālaya” means “stay of the snows”.

The poster promotes the airline Air India International which offers tourist trips to Darjeeling. This city belongs to the Indian state of West Bengal in the foothills of the Himālaya. From this city one can easily go to see the peak of Kangchenjunga. Located between Nepal and Sikkim in India, it is the third highest peak in the roof of the world that is the Himalayan alpine range, it is 8,586m high. In Tibetan “Kangchenjunga” means “The Five Treasures of the Eternal Snow”.

Apparent inscriptions on the poster:

Issued by the tourist trafic branch, Ministry of Transport and published by the advertising branch, Ministry of I & B
Printed in India by Ms. Associated printers (Madaras) Ltd., Madras

Condition report:

Very good condition. The colours have retained all their beauty.
This is not a reproduction.