Pediform axe

Dong Son Culture
H. 13 cm



Very interesting ax decorated on both sides with typically Dôngsonian motifs. Three feathered dancers, who could be likened to warriors, constitute the main decor. In addition, there are series of triangles and coiled animals. These asymmetrical axes of war (riu in Vietnamese) are characteristic of the Dông Son culture. Their boot-like design explains this denomination of “pediform”. Here, the rounded blade in the shape of a curve and not rectangular, as well as the style of the “feathered” dancers, allow us to attribute the piece to the South of the Dông Son region. Very similar models were exhibited in the Baur collections in Geneva in 2008, during the exhibition Ancient Art of Vietnam (cat. Pp. 80-83).


Provenance : Lan Huong Pham collection, Switzerland.