Offering jar from the Yuan Dynasty

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Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)
H. 34 cm or 133/8 in

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This beautiful jar, covered with a bright green glaze, dates from the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368). The jar and its elegant lid come from the Yunnan region in southwest China and are decorated with interesting patterns. Indeed, vegetal elements, such as the palm leaves, appear in relief on the body and on the lid. Medallions containing the vajra, a very important instrument in Buddhist symbolism, also decorate this piece. Probably used to contain ritual offerings, this jar is believed to come from a Buddhist shrine or from a tomb to accompany the dead as funerary furniture.

Condition report:

This jar is in good condition. The glaze covers the whole jar and has kept its shine. A small part of the foot has remained unglazed, showing the original colour of the jar. An old crack is visible inside the vase. A small chip and a small crack are also present on the lid.

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