Lao Buddha in lacquered and gilded wood

Lacquered and gilded wood
19th century
H. 30.5 cm or 12 ¼ in



This charming lacquered and gilded wooden statuette comes from Laos. Dated from the 19th century, it represents the historical Buddha in meditation. He is wearing a monastic robe revealing his right shoulder. He is seated on a throne in the lotus position, Padmāsana, with his legs crossed and each foot resting on the opposite thigh. The top of the throne has an inscription, certainly votive, all around it. The Buddha performs the gesture, mudrā, of taking the earth as a witness bhūmisparsa-mudrā. Indeed, his right hand is directed towards the ground and rests on his right knee while his left hand, palm upwards, is resting on his right foot. This gesture may thus refer to the moment when the Buddha touches the earth to testify to his virtue when he overcomes temptations during his search for Enlightenment.

Condition Report:

This piece is in good condition. However, a crack is present on the right side of the Buddha’s face. In addition, the gilding has disappeared on the lower part of the throne.