In situ Jinrikisha and Shamisen Player


Double-side hand coloured albumen print
(Not attributed)
Circa 1880

Cartboard dimension 23 x 28,02 cm
In situ Jinrikisha photograph dimension 19 x 24,02 cm
Shamisen Player photograph dimension 24,03 x 19 cm

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These photographs are albumen prints mounted on cardboard. They are both hand-coloured.
On one side is a photograph of a jinrikisha taken in exterior. On the other side is a photograph of a Shamisen Player which is singing.

Jinrikisha are Japanese vehicles pulled by the strength of a man.
The shamisen is a traditional three-stringed musical instrument.

Condition report:

Good condition with nice contrasts. Faded colours. Old diagonal fold in the upper third of the photograph of the jinrishika.