Geisha with fans and shamisen 三味線


Hand coloured albumen print
Attributed to Susuki Shin’ichi
Circa 1880

Cartboard dimension 27,5 x 34,5 cm
Photograph dimension 21 x 26,5 cm

Video presentation


This photograph is a beautiful composition taken in the studio and coloured with shimmering colours.

The woman on the far right is in the seiza position 正座, the “meditation position” and is playing the iconic Gaisha 芸者 instrument: the shamisen 三味線, literally meaning “three fragrant strings”.

The two women on the right are holding fans 扇子 of the sensu type, meaning it can be unfolds. This accessory accompanies many traditional Japanese dances.

Condition report:

Photograph in good condition, despite faded albumen and two small tears on the upper edge of the cardboard.