11th-12th century (Ly dynasty)

H : 7 cm




This ewer with a globular body is covered with a cream slip with fine brown cracks. The rim is narrow and bulging, and the body is decorated with a handle and a spout. The only decoration present is modelled under the glaze, and contributes to the vertical momentum of the object.

Still very much influenced by Chinese culture after a long period of occupation, Vietnam during the Ly dynasty opened up to influences from India and Central Asia through numerous maritime and land exchanges. This object is nevertheless in keeping with the Chinese forms, and is particularly close to celadons. These stonewares, typical of Song China, were very fashionable at the time and enjoyed particular prestige, especially in the ritual context.

This piece comes from a Belgian family collection, started in the 1940’s and increased with various pieces found over time, even in Europe.